Mar 29, 2011

Prickig Katt II

As I told you here, I took LOTS of pics at Prickig Katt. The place is seriously FULL of nice things, and its quite large, so it wasn't difficult to find things to photograph. Some other time this week I will post the pics of the loft, which was decorated in the cutest way.

What would you buy from Prickig Katt if you had the chance to stop by?

Como te dije aquí, tomé muchísimas fotos de Prickig Katt así que hoy te ensenno más. Otro día durante la semana pondré las fotos de la barbacoa (piso superior), que está decorada como de ensuenno!

Si tuvieras oportunidad de visitar Prickig Katt, qué comprarías?

Bowties! / Pajaritas!

The nice fitting room! / Lindo probador 


  1. i like the white suitcase on the 3rd image...lovely greetings

  2. Yes, its very nice. I dont own a ¨vintage¨ suitcase... Maybe some day? :)